Catherine Gray, PsyD is a psychologist in Pasadena, CA

   Dr. Catherine Gray

                                            Licensed Psychologist


Services range from a one-time appointment, such as a consultation, to weekly therapy, which may be brief or more long-term, depending on the issues and needs.  

​​Short-Term/Brief Therapy or Counseling

​Long-Term Therapy​

Life Coaching


​Mental Health Consultation with Community Caregivers & Leaders

Consultations (1 or 2 appointments)

Consultation​ can be the best way to start when seeking help. This may be true for those who feel they are struggling but are unsure about what they want to do about it, or may wonder whether or not there is even an issue to be concerned about. Consultation can be used to help define, decide and implement a game-plan, to resolve the initial questions about what to do. It is possible to segue into personal therapy if that is what is ultimately chosen. 

Commonly, consultation is a term that is used to describe the help that comes from one expert talking with another expert in order to solve a problem (often a work-related problem that one encounters within his/her own vocation). ​See below, for information about consultation for professional caregivers, who may seek consultation in order to address how to best help or respond to a work-related problem.

​Mental Health Consultations with Community Caregivers & Leaders

Consultation is available for community professionals who encounter the complexities of mental health issues within their work. Such professionals include: teachers and school administrators, clergy, and first responders. Consultation is available on an individual basis (one-on-one), and may likewise be  facilitated with small groups of those who want to address shared questions or issues (e.g., questions about depression and if/when/how to intervene; questions and need for self-care and care for others in wake of a community trauma; etc.).