Dr. Catherine Gray

Licensed Psychologist 

CA License # PSY27187 

Tel. 626-524-2157

Email. dr.clgray@gmail.com 

30 N. Raymond Avenue, Ste 403

Pasadena, Ca  91103

Catherine Gray, PsyD is a psychologist in Pasadena, CA

   Dr. Catherine Gray

                                            Licensed Psychologist

Creative, Culturally Minded Clinical Help 

I specialize in providing culturally informed solution-focused help and therapy for adults and teenagers, ages 17 and up. With more than 20 years of experience as a clinical therapist and counselor, my focus is on helping to improve quality of life and relationships, as well as symptoms. My approach is a blend of interpersonal and integrative techniques, adapted for unique needs and values. 


Anxiety, Depression & Anger Issues 

PTSD & Trauma Recovery 

Grief & Complicated Bereavement 

Recovery from Childhood Abuse
​Relationships & Family Issues
​Life-Stage Changes & Stress
​Spiritual & Religious Issues

Work-Related Problems
​Social Anxiety
Personality Issues
​Shame & Guilt
Substance Use Problems

LGBTQ Issues
​Cultural & Identity Issues
​Adjustment Issues of Internationals
Problems of Spiritual/Religious Abuse
​Problems of Bigotry, Control & Fear